I’m Endalk, a senior software engineer and a writer.

My name is Endalk and I am a senior software engineer with over 4 years of experience in the field. I specialize in backend and infrastructure development and work as a full stack engineer. I regularly use Go, TypeScript and Python and I am currently learning Rust. Design patterns and software architecture interest me the most. I love building developer tools that improve developer experience. I am also passionate about open source software.

In addition to my expertise in Go, TypeScript and Python, I have experience working with tech stacks and tools like Docker, Kubernets, Argo CD, Terraform, Postgress, NATS, Kafka, NestJs, Django, Gin. My experience with these tools has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of how they work together to create complex systems. I enjoy working on projects that require me to think critically about how different pieces of technology can be integrated together to create a cohesive system.